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Syndicate Commercial Mortgage Banking is one of the fastest-growing commercial & multifamily mortgage banking companies in California. Though headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, we have a syndicate of bankers across the country, allowing us to offer an underwriting commitment from a regional perspective. 

Syndicate Commercial Mortgage originates, invests and services in a diverse portfolio of commercial real estate assets, with a focus on Senior Secured Real Estate Debt and Preferred Equity. Our investment activities include (but are not limited to: (1) our primary business of originating Senior First Mortgage Fixed and Floating Rate Loans collateralized by commercial real estate with flexible loan structures; (ii) investing in Investment Grade Securities Secured by First Mortgage Loans on commercial real estate; and (iii) owning and operating commercial real estate, including net leased commercial properties. 

Syndicate Commercial Mortgage Banking is committed to building a collaborative relationship with its borrowers and their businesses, preparing for the future and investing in seeing our clients thrive. Across our Commercial Mortgage Banking Operations, Treasury Solutions Operations and Credit & Financing Operations, we stay committed to bringing a deep knowledge to back the products and services we offer. 

Syndicate Commercial Mortgage services the majority of its Commercial Mortgage Loans, and even services seller carried loans (seller carry back / seller financed). Syndicate Commercial Mortgage utilizes the latest in loan servicing software and technology to services its Commercial Mortgage Loans. 

Syndicate Legal & Financial

(a collection of Professional Services Corporations)

8383 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, California 90211

Phone: (310) 463-5122

Email: Click Here

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