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The "Fixed Income Mortgage" is much like the traditional Reverse Mortgage, but when compared to the Reverse Mortgage, Fixed Income Mortgage provides greater benefits to the borrower:

  • Fixed Income Mortgage allows for higher "loan-to-values";

  • Fixed Income Mortgage has no age restrictions;

  • Fixed Income Mortgage allows for greater returns on the equitable portion of the home;

  • Fixed Income Mortgage has the ability to continue to provide fixed income on the home for a much longer period;

  • Fixed Income Mortgage has a decreasing Lien Balance (the Reverse Mortgage has an "increasing lien balance";

  • Fixed Income Mortgage has the ability to continue to provide fixed income to a borrower once the home is owned free (the completion of the loan period);

  • Upon the selling of the home or the passing of the borrower, a borrower's beneficiary may choose to continue to receive the fixed monthly income or receive a single lump sum payment; and

  • Fixed Income Mortgage provides the same security, if not greater security, to the borrower than that provided by the reverse mortgage

Common Use of the Fixed Income Mortgage:

  • For Extra Income each Month!!

    • Covering Medical Expenses

    • Purchasing Long-Term Care Benefits ​​

    • Establishing Trusts

    • Helping to Financially Support Family Members

    • Paying Off Other Loans or Bills

    • Maintaining or Improving Quality of Life

    • Something Special - buying a boat, car or travel

The Fixed Income Mortgage is provided by select Mortgage Professionals duly licensed to offer mortgage loans in each state. If you are a Mortgage Lender that would like to offer the Fixed Income Mortgage product, please contact Syndicate Legal & Financial for additional information. 

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