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The Syndicate Insurance team is comprised of licensed and bonded insurance brokers that provides innovative personal insurance products and services from all major carries. 

Why all of our Insurance Applications are in-person or over the phone, and then reviewed by our Firm prior to issuing a CUSTOM INUSURANCE QUOTE to you! 

  • Misunderstanding: The first reason buying insurance online can be dangerous is because the "online quotes" and the "policies" can be misunderstood and there are few chances to have those misunderstandings explained to you be an industry expert prior to purchasing the insurance policy. 

  • Custom Quotes and Policies are more difficult to set up: Every individual, family, and business is different, and the insurance needs are always different. An online quote and policy purchase is not necessarily able to create a custom policy around those needs of your family or business. This means you will most likely get a general policy that is good for the average person, but not necessarily what is best for you. Odds are, with a Custom Quote, you can "get more for less."


  • Not assigned an individual agent to handle coverage: After buying insurance online you may feel covered and protected. Having one client assigned to you for every potential claim you have to file is a big advantage that you may be missing out on when buying insurance online. An individual who knows your entire history from purchase to claim will be able to fight for you better than someone who was randomly assigned for that one claim after buying online.


  • Adjusting your policy: As business and families grow and change, your insurance policy should change with it to make sure everything, and more importantly, everyone is covered. If buying insurance online, you will rarely speak to the same agent twice and will lose that initial time savings by needing to explain the changing circumstances around your family or business' insurance needs.  


  • Lack location specific assistance: Online quotes and purchasing sites give you the ability to see a standard policy for your area. However, what it doesn't take into account is the individual needs for your exact location and your family and business needs based on that information. 



  • ATV's today are a considerable financial investment for many, and when you are out driving around on your ATV, last thing you want to do is wonder about your insurance coverages. With a Steve Muehler - Insurance Customized ATV Insurance Policy, you will be able to ride your ATV with confidence knowing that you are properly insured. Regardless of the type of ATV you have, we can cover it with specialized options that include: Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, Property Damage, Bodily Injury & Uninsured Motorist. ​



  • Liability Coverage

  • Comprehensive Coverage

  • Collision Coverage

  • Personal Injury Coverage

  • Diminishing Deductible Options

  • Specialty Auto Insurance

  • Accident Forgiveness

  • Roadside Assistance



There are many differences between "boats" and "yachts". Yachts are classified as vessels 27 Feet or more in lengths, while boats are 26 feet or less. No matter what the type of vessel you have (boat or yacht), when it comes to the type of policy, all boat owners and yacht owners seek out "Agreed Value Insurance Policies." An Agreed Value Insurance Policy covers all damages, except for sails, outboard motors, canvas covers, cushions or other specified items. 



  • Personal Property Coverage

  • Additional Personal Property Coverage

  • Improvements Coverage

  • Loss Assessment

  • Additional Living Expenses

  • Personal Liability Protection

  • Guest Medical Protection

  • Workers' Compensation Coverage

  • Condos Rented to Others Coverage



If you have homeowners' insurance and live in California, your carrier is required by law to offer to sell you earthquake insurance every two years. But the offer may be easy to miss, as insurance companies must send it in the mail. To get coverage, you have to respond within 30 days of receiving the offer. If you make no reply, that’s the same as declining coverage.​​ Some insurers may offer very limited coverage from the California Earthquake Authority (CEA), a nonprofit organization designed to help Californians get earthquake coverage. Homeowners can’t buy insurance directly from the CEA; instead, they buy through their homeowners insurance provider, assuming that that provider is a member of the CEA. In our case, we have partner with an A.M. Best "A" rated Earthquake Insurance Carrier to offer more comprehensive earthquake coverage. 



Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. In California, we have many areas that are low lying and susceptible to flooding. In addition to that, we have coastal areas that are susceptible to tsunami and tidal waves, which are considered forms of flooding. California Floods are not covered by your Homeowners or Commercial Property Coverage. Flood Insurance is a coverage that must be purchased separately.​​ If you live in a Special Flood Hazard area and have a loan on your property, your lender will require you to obtain flood insurance. But don’t worry, despite what you may have heard, Flood Insurance rates are not a deal killer. In addition to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), we have several Private Flood Insurance Programs. Premiums for Private Flood Insurance in California can be as much as 50% less than the NFIP.



Syndicate Insurance is one of California's Premier Health Insurance Brokerage for Individual, Small Group and Businesses. Syndicate has access to some of the largest insurance carriers in California, including (but not limited to) carriers like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser and Health Net. For small groups & businesses, we are able to offer newer options which allow your employees to choose from different carriers while keeping all billing items under one group. 



  • Property Insurance

  • Homeowners' Liability

  • Mobile Home Insurance

  • Scheduled Property Insurance

  • Landlord Insurance

  • And much more...

Life Insurance'.jpg


We believe that "Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning." One reason most people buy life insurance is to replace income that would be lost with the death of a wage earner. The cash provided by life insurance also can help ensure that your dependents are not burdened with significant debt when you die. Life insurance proceeds could mean your dependents will not have to sell assets to pay outstanding bills or taxes. An important feature of life insurance is that no income tax is payable on proceeds paid to beneficiaries. The death benefit of a life policy owned by a C corporation may be included in the calculation of the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Long Term.jpg


Planning ahead for future long term care needs is a key of retirement planning. Many people have had first-hand experience with a loved one / family member / friend who needed long term care. These experiences underscore the reality of the financial and emotional stress when someone needs long term care. ​ 


Long term care insurance can protect your retirement assets, and it can give you the peace of mind that the costs of your long term care will be covered if they are needed in the future. A long term care plan also protects you family from having to be "caregivers", and it enables you to choose where you will receive any long term care in your later years. 



  • California Medigap plans help to fill in the gaps between what Medicare pays and what you owe. Medicare supplement plans in California are standardized by the Federal Government. California is home to 40 million Americans with 14% being seniors 65 and older. Within the senior population, there are about 70% that have as least one chronic condition. When turning the age of 65, it is important at the  to look for California Medicare Supplement Plans.



  • Custom Party & Equipment (covers all aftermarket accessories)

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage (to protect you and your passengers)

  • Trip Interruption

  • Total Loss Replacement Cost

  • Medical Payments

  • Liability & Physical Damage

  • Rental Vehicle Coverage 



  • Personal Property Coverage (Replacement Cost Available)

  • Personal Liability Coverage

  • Identity Fraud Coverage

  • Animal Liability

  • Specialized Coverage for Jewelry, Fine Arts, Cameras and more

  • Package Discounts

RV Home.jpg


  • Total Loss Replacement

  • Emergency Vacation Expense

  • Disappearing Deductibles 

  • Full Timer's Package

  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Windshield Coverage

  • Free Pet Injury



  • Accidents Coverage

  • X-Rays, Blood Tests, etc. 

  • Hereditary Conditions & Congenital Conditions

  • Congenital Conditions

  • Chronic Conditions & Illnesses (including Cancer)

  • Diagnostic Treatments

  • Hospitalizations, Emergency Care, Specialty Care & Surgeries 

  • Prescriptions & Alternative Medicines

  • Well Plan Coverage(s)



  • Sudden Illness

  • Accident

  • Medical Evacuation while Outside of the Country

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