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The Syndicate Convertible Securities Fund is a diversified, Open-End Investment Fund that's investment objective is to seek a high level of total return on its assets. The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective through a combination of current income and capital appreciation. The Fund's mission is to preserve and enhance our shareholders' wealth through a conservative, disciplined approach to investing in convertible securities and other debt or equity securities that are periodically expected to accrue or generate income. The Fund's goal is to make "value added investments with the potential of opportunistic returns."

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The Syndicate Commercial Mortgage REIT is a real estate investment trust focused on originating, acquiring, investing in, and servicing first lien mortgages, and other mortgage related assets, throughout the United States Mortgage Market. Syndicate Mortgage REIT's strategy is to make credit-sensitive investments in newly originated first lien commercial real estate assets (primarily: Agriculture, Healthcare, Hotel, Industrial, Multifamily, Office, Retail, and Specialty Commercial Real Estate Properties) that are primarily made to higher quality loan borrowers and pursuant to the loan underwriting guidelines published on this website (U.S. properties only). Syndicate Mortgage REIT also invests in other commercial real estate backed loans, commercial real estate asset backed securities, and other commercial real estate mortgage-related assets (referred to as the "Target Assets"). Further, the Syndicate Commercial Mortgage REIT may also identify and acquire its Target Assets through the secondary market when market conditions and asset prices are conducive to making attractive purchases. Syndicate Commercial Mortgage REIT's objective is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its Shareholders, through cash distributions and capital appreciation, across rate and credit cycles. 

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